Save Australian Shipping

Take Back Our Coast

Stop allowing big business to replace Aussie jobs with exploited overseas visa workers

Mr. Morrison,

As you yourself said, Australia should be a country where if you have a go, you’ll get a go.

I stand with the seafarers sacked by BHP, to be replaced by exploited foreign overseas visa workers. They had a go, and got themselves a secure job working for one of Australia’s biggest companies.

That was until you manipulated the approval of licenses and visas for foreign-crewed ships to come in to Australia and do the same work for third-world wages.

I am signing this petition to demand that you commit to protecting local jobs. I want an end to the licensing of foreign-vessels to do work on Australia’s coastline.

I want you to start putting local workers ahead of the profits of big business.

Why is this important?

Nearly 80 Australian seafarers have been sacked by BHP and replaced with exploited overseas visa workers.

These should be Australian jobs for Australian workers, but Scott Morrison's Government chose BHP's profits over the jobs of locals.

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