Save Australian Shipping

Bring our Jobs Home

The Solution

As an island nation, Australia needs a national shipping fleet.


The Maritime Union of Australia has a vision for shipping that will not only boost our national economic interest but deliver employment opportunities for Australian workers.

The creation of a national strategic fleet, consisting of dozens of large commercial trading vessels, would move containers and bulk goods between Australian ports and carry Australian goods to international markets.

 A specialist fleet of ships to undertake offshore wind energy production would allow Australia to become an energy exporting powerhouse in a low-carbon emissions world. 

By once again making Australia a regional centre of maritime commerce, it would contribute to regional security and the nation’s economic prosperity. 

This vision would also create thousands of jobs for Australian seafarers and those in maritime support services. 

The MUA is seeking to work with Federal, State, and industry stakeholders to make this vision become a reality. 

With political leadership, these sensible reforms will boost the nation's economic and security interests for decades to come.


  • Create a national strategic fleet of large commercial vessels to move goods between Australian ports and support new industries.
  • Reform the licencing system, closing loopholes that allow foreign vessels to dominate domestic trade.
  • Provide incentives for Australian companies to own and operate Australian-flagged vessels through better design of shipping tax incentives.
  • Create a level playing field with other forms of transport by bringing support for shipping into line with that provided to rail and road.
  • Reform the maritime crew visa system to create employment opportunities for Australian seafarers in the maritime industry.
  • Restore balance through reform of maritime safety and navigation laws.
  • Re-establish the Maritime Workforce Development Forum to develop strategies to reverse the decline of maritime skills.
  • Establish a national shipping industry reform council to drive industry changes and oversee the development of a strong maritime industry in Australia.
  • Establish a national shipping infrastructure fund to revitalise Australian shipping and ensure a level playing field between freight transport modes.
  • Provide policy coordination for port and supply chain development in Australia, including a tailored fees and charges regime that supports Australian shipping.